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Flood Channel and Spillway Development

Contract Value: £900,000

Slideshow Items

  • Water overflowing down some concrete steps.
  • Man stood next to large concrete wall during consruction.
  • Construction of flood channel with some concrete side walling.
  • Man working on spillway concrete steps.
  • Construction men and machinery working on deep concrete flood channel.
  • Flood spillway looking into flood channel past new housing.

Project Description

Construction of Flood Alleviation for a Housing Development

Building Solutions (EU) Ltd were contracted by a private developer in conjunction with Dorset council and the Environment Agency to construct a flood alleviation system to protect a housing development against a 1:10,000 year adverse flood event.

The civil engineering work entailed the construction of a new flood alleviation channel and a spillway system that feeds into it. As the channel ran alongside a housing development a bridge was needed which we planned and constructed to provide road access to the development.

While the development was underway to build the flood channel and spillway we needed to temporarily divert the river itself to allow for the construction.

Building Solutions have years of experience with civil works, from moving rivers to constructing bridges.