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Highway Construction

Contract Value: £550,000

Slideshow Items

  • Completion of new highway past some new housing.
  • Large construction of highway being dug out.
  • Highway construction with various people and machinery.
  • Tarmac applied to highway construction with people working on the road.
  • Completion of new highway going up hill around corner.
  • Completion of new highway past some new housing looking down hill.

Project Description

Development of ‘B’ Road in Dorset

The road was little more than a tarmac track, with the recent addition of a nearby housing development Dorset Highways needed a proper road to be developed.

The road needed to be raised by 1200mm to directionalise the surface water and help to alleviate the flooding risk. We constructed new kerbing and footpaths for pedestrian safety and to install new drainage that was connected to the local infrastructure.

The new road was constructed to Dorset Highways/Highways England specifications.